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Our Process
We understand that every business and organization is different, with different management styles, core business philosophies and long term goals. As such, the campaigns that we work with you to develop are custom designed, utilizing all the critical elements that make your business or organization successful.

Our unique 6 step process begins with our initial meeting with you, where we will seek to understand your business, management team, vision, short-term direction and long term goals. These fundamental elements are a critical part of the process to develop a highly effective campaign that will take your organization to new heights.

number 1

The goal of our initial meeting will be to familiarize our team to your organization by building a profile which will assist our team to achieve the goals that you seek through billboard advertising.

Your business profile will;

  • Document all relevant business contact information, addresses, phone numbers, web site addresses etc.;
  • Identify personnel in your organization that will be involved in the process;
  • Identify your level of advertising experience, where you currently promote/advertise, where you have in the past, what worked for you, what didn't and why;
  • Help us establish an understanding of your current marketing campaigns, sales, events and promotions;
  • Establish your organization's short-term objectives, long-term goals and their timeline;
  • Identify your organization's colors/fonts/themes, trademarks and other special characteristics;
  • Identify your organization's primary and secondary target market(s);
  • Collect a copy of any marketing materials, business cards, brochures, photos, existing advertisements that will help us build engaging ads that will be consistent with your current campaigns;
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The second step will be to schedule a working session where we will utilize the data from your business profile. The data collected about your marketing strategies and target market will help us determine which billboard location(s) will best suit your needs. Our team will review some initial conceptual ideas with you, as well as doing some creative thinking together to develop additional concepts that will allow you to achieve your goals. This will be primarily a pen to paper session, designed to flush out new thoughts and ideas that can be tremendously helpful during the design phase.

number 3

During the initial design phase, our team will work together to turn conceptual ideas into draft artwork. Once complete, we will e-mail or present the draft artwork to you for review and feedback and adjust/modify as necessary to reach a mutually agreed upon draft. Your advertising slot includes up to (3) hours of design work per month, usually enough for 3 artwork designs and we strongly encourage our clients to make full use of this included design time. Having multiple ads, strategically displayed throughout the month will get and keep your audience engaged and prevent "campaign fatigue."

number 4

The final portion of the design phase will involve us creating a final draft for you for approval. Once this is approved, we will then work with you to schedule a publication date(s) in which your ad(s) will go live on our digital billboards.

number 5

Publication. This is where things get fun and your ad(s) are published and go live to the public. You will receive a photo of the billboard showing your live ad(s) display.

number 6

Just as important as the initial steps in getting your initial ad designed is the post publication follow up. Our team will be in regular contact with you to ensure that you are making full use of your included design time every month, to keep your ad content fresh and current and remains synced with your other sales, promotions and marketing campaigns.

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