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Billboard Information

Learn more about our digital billboards such as face direction, traffic count and impressions per month!

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Exposure Packages

Exposure determines how often your had will be played. All ads display for 8 seconds and take up 100% of the board viewing space.

  • Full Slot

    Your ad will display every 72 seconds

  • 50 plays an hour
  • 1,200 plays a day
  • 36,000 plays a month
  • Half Slot

    Your ad will display every 144 seconds

  • 25 plays an hour
  • 600 plays a day
  • 18,000 plays a month
  • Quarter Slot

    Your ad will display every 288 seconds

  • 12 plays an hour
  • 300 plays a day
  • 9,000 plays a month

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A Few of Our Clients

Stillaguamish Outdoor Media has been home for some of the top brands of the greater North of Washington.

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Meet the Team

Andy and AJ work together to make sure you advertising needs are met and maintained. Send us an e-mail any time if you have questions, we"d be glad to help!

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Andy Brown

Accounts Manager

Andy Brown is our accounts manager and is responsible for working closely with all of our clients from initial introduction to publication to anticipate and meet their needs. Andy coordinates with our graphic designer to ensure the final product is effective, is a good fit for the organization in terms of look and feel and also meets the clients objectives and expectations.

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Andrew Humphries

Graphic Designer

Andrew is our graphics designer and is responsible for translating our clients" needs into an effective digital campaign that will appeal to the target audience. To achieve this, Andrew collaborates with our Accounts Manager and the client to design an ad that reflects the value company.

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