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Who we are
Stillaguamish Outdoor Media Corp. is based in Arlington, WA and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians. We help our clients reach higher success by providing a highly effective way of promoting their businesses and events utilizing our state of the art electronic billboards. Put yourself in the drivers seat today with Stillaguamish Outdoor Media.

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Why outdoor advertising?
Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising still in wide use today. Billboard advertising can be traced back to the late 1790's with the invention of lithography, however older forms of outdoor advertising is as old as ancient Egypt. It has transcended the centuries for one reason. It works. Today, it remains one of the most powerful and cost effective ways to "reach" target audiences.

coca cola billboardcoca cola billboard
CocaCola billboard - circa 1922.
street side billboardstreet side billboards
Street side billboards - circa 1910. Photo courtesy Outdoor OAAA Inc.
roadside billboardsRoadside billboards
Roadside billboards - circa. 1920.
horse carriage advertismentsHorse crawn carriage advertising
Horse-drawn carriage advertisments - circa. 1890. Photo courtesy OAAA Inc.

When compared to the costs of television, radio, newspaper and direct mail ads, outdoor advertising has the ability to target a wide audience for a fraction of the cost. Today, with a vast choice of available alternatives, far fewer people are watching television, reading newspapers and listening to radio than ever before. Outdoor advertising however offers advantages that these other advertising mediums cannot. People will see it, a lot. It will be seen by commuting traffic, business traffic, trips to the store, recreational trips and much more.

Why digital billboards?
Conventional static billboards have been around and effective for decades. They all have several things in common however. They tend to be fairly expensive, design changes to them can be costly, time consuming and have a long printing lead time. Most conventional billboards are printed on a vinyl surface that must be installed onto the billboard surface. For design changes, printing and installation costs can cost hundreds of dollars, which usually is in addition to the monthly cost of advertising. The end result is that in many cases, concessions need to be made, which is why many businesses that advertise on conventional billboards do not change their campaign messages often. The same message presented week after week, month after month eventually leads to "campaign fatigue" where the message no longer captures the attention of those that have passed by it numerous times. In areas with high volumes of commuter traffic, this is especially problematic.

The introduction of digital billboards can solve these issues in addition to creating new opportunities that traditional billboards cannot offer you.

  • Digital billboard artwork is created and published digitally, no printing or installation costs!
  • Campaigns can be created quickly, allowing flexibility to changing conditions.
  • Dynamic or conditional content is possible, displaying content for specific times or conditions, such as temperature, time of day or date.
  • Your ad will be bright and vibrant day or night with over 18 Quadrillion possible color combinations.
  • You can schedule different ads for different dates in the month, and even specific times of day!
  • Our full, half and quarter time slots give you the flexibility to fit outdoor advertising into your budget.
  • 24/7 exposure. Your campaign will be putting you into the drivers seat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our billboards are large and they command attention, which will get you noticed.
  • Our digital billboards are strategically located in high traffic areas, where they will get tens of thousands of daily views.
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